Elizabeth Zelasko

Elizabeth Zelasko

Meet Elizabeth Zelasko

CITY: I am originally from NJ but now rested in CO and i don't plan on leaving! I love it here. 

FAVORITE ARTIST(S): I have “never not” cried in front of a Sargent painting… Picasso (early work) and Frida Kahlo I would say had the largest impact on my life as a budding artist. They seemed to have a visual language that spoke the loudest to me. There was a freedom to their work that gave me courage when I needed it. Tommie DePaolo, the illustrator, is also up there in my mind among the greats. The way he painted the human face for little children to see was captivating to me as a young viewer and reader. He was able to convey such emotion just in the eyes alone! While iconography is technically in a different category than “fine art”, my icon teacher, Tatiana, has most assuredly had the greatest influence on my both my career and my spirituality.

YOUR ART INSPIRATION: Because I am currently working in sacred art almost exclusively, reading the Magnificat and praying every morning is my greatest inspiration. The psalms are an endless treasure trove of poetic imagery.

FAVORITE ART PROJECT YOU'VE EVER DONE: I was asked to create an icon of Saint Kateri for a Catholic Church on an Indian Reservation. It was a great honor to complete that icon for them.

WHAT MUSIC DO YOU LISTEN TO WHEN YOU CREATE? Usually some form of chant. Gregorian or Russian are my go-to channels. Silence is always a welcomed friend. When I need a break from both I pop on Pints With Aquinas on YouTube. The conversations that Matt Fradd has with people are educational for me but also completely entertaining.

HOW WOULD YOU DEFINE YOUR STYLE? I have always been drawn to a more bold style. The sacred art that comes from me is very authentically what I am spiritually. I was raised Roman, became Byzantine Catholic, and am heavily influenced by Orthodox Iconography. If I am not working on a strictly Orthodox icon, I believe eaсh of these churches and their visual traditions come through in my work.

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