Huey Daigle

Huey Daigle

Meet Huey Daigle 

CITY: Alexandria, LA

BIRTHDATE: 6/3/1980

FAVORITE ARTIST(S): Salvador Dali, Banksy, The Creator of the Universe.

YOUR ART INSPIRATION: I take on each project with the idea in mind that I am going to allow the Spirit to guide me where He may. The designs and colors come from so many different places. The color of Mary’s mantle in a painting of the Dolorous Mother, The earthiness of Padre Pio’s habit.

FAVORITE ART PROJECT YOU'VE EVER DONE: The first rosary I ever made was one I designed for myself because I wanted something very specific and I couldn’t find anything like it anywhere, so I decided to make one. It’s not my favorite because I made it for myself, though. It’s my favorite because it’s the first one that I ever gave away to a person who really needed a rosary in that very moment. I don’t know where he is now, but I hope he uses it, or that he has passed it on to someone who does.

WHAT MUSIC DO YOU LISTEN TO WHEN YOU CREATE? Anything from 90’s grunge and punk to Gregorian chant or Outlaw country music. My musical stylings are as eclectic as my life.

HOW WOULD YOU DEFINE YOUR STYLE? Eclectic refinement? I don’t know that I have a certain style. I love the heavy feel and look of stainless steel beads on paracord with silver hardware AND I also really dig the simple, warm feel of wooden beads and brass hardware on those same cords. I guess you could call it “beauty in simplicity.”

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