Luke Vail

Luke Vail


CITY: Charlottetown, Canada
DATE OF BIRTH: 5/22/01
SPONSORS: Motherboards
CURRENT PROJECTS OUTSIDE OF SKATING: I'll be in Australia working for NET ministries in 2020. I recently hiked the Camino de Santiago with three other guys. I volunteer as a youth leader at my parishes youth group. I also plan to go to school when I get back to become a barber. I cut hair, including mine. 
HOBBIES: Sketching, running, playing guitar and fingerboarding
FAVORITE TRICK: Front foot impossible
CURRENTLY RIDES: 8.25 Sacred Heart of Jesus
FAVORITE SKATE SPOT: Victoria Skatepark
FAVORITE QUOTE: "If we pray we will believe if we believe we will love if we love we will serve". - Blessed Mother Theresa 
INSTAGRAM: @lukesk8s4life

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