Mathias Ledum

Mathias Ledum

About Mathias

CITY: Currently living and studying in Rome, but originally from Tretten in Norway 

DATE OF BIRTH: 7/18/1995

SPONSORS: Motherboards   

CURRENT PROJECTS OUTSIDE OF SKATING: Discerning the vocation to the priesthood and evangelizing the world through joy, beauty, truth, and charity!

HOBBIES: I like to read, write, cook, waste time looking at silly memes, play the guitar, work out, go hiking in the mountains.  

FAVORITE TRICK: Nollie inward heel or Casper flip.

CURRENTLY RIDES: 8.0 deck, Motherboards Wheels 53mm / 93a, Tensor trucks Magnesium Ultra Lights, Oust bearings, DKL Rubber Gripe tape.

FAVORITE SKATE SPOT: The skatepark in my home city Lillehammer 

FAVORITE QUOTE: The motto of the Carthusians: "Stat crux dum volvitur orbis." "While the world is turning, the cross is steady."

FACEBOOK: Mathias Bruno Ledum

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