Sunflower Yellow Ladder Rosary by Cruciform

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The Sunflower Yellow Ladder Rosary* by Cruciform in Wichita, Kansas. This bright yellow "Sunflower" rosary is made from 6mm firepolished Czeck Glass beads (these beads are ONLY manufactured in the Czeck Republic then exported internationally) and features a Blessed Mother with the Child Jesus centerpiece and matching crucifix.

Cruciform ladder rosaries are made from the finest imported materials by a family of Catholic boys, the oldest attending Benedictine College.  This ladder rosary is hand-crafted and designed especially for Full of Grace USA.  It is truly exceptional.

 *A note on ladder rosaries: The origin of the ladder rosary is usually traced back to St. Frances de Sales. He had a vision (similar to Jacob’s vision) of the ladder to heaven, except St. Frances saw two ladders to Jesus. One was a very steep ladder that led directly to Jesus. The other was a rosary that went to the Blessed Mother and then to Jesus, this second ladder was much less steep.  Jesus told St. Frances to lead his sons by this second ladder. Thus this is the ladder rosary - the way by which we climb to Jesus through his beloved mother Mary.

Another possible origin of the ladder rosary is in the Sistine Chapel. One of the paintings in the Sistine shows a man pulling souls who are hanging over hell into heaven.