Luke Vail Joins Motherboards Skate Team: A Journey of Faith and Skating

Luke Vail Joins Motherboards Skate Team: A Journey of Faith and Skating

Motherboards Skate proudly announces the addition of Luke Vail to its esteemed team, blending a fervent passion for skateboarding with a deep devotion to faith and family.

Hailing from Charlottetown, Canada, Luke embodies a vibrant spirit rooted in family values and a profound love for sports like skateboarding, snowboarding, and surfing. Growing up in a large Catholic family in a small Canadian town, Luke found solace and fulfillment in these activities alongside his love for chocolate and unwavering devotion to Jesus Christ.

Luke's passion for skateboarding and snowboarding has been a driving force throughout his life. Achieving his dream of becoming a sponsored skateboarder has been a remarkable milestone, bringing immense joy and fulfillment to his journey.

While skateboarding and snowboarding were his personal passions, Luke found inspiration and influence from his older siblings. He admired his sister's remarkable singing skills, a testament to her dedication and hard work, while his brother's diverse musical talents and his heartfelt writings were sources of inspiration.

Luke's journey in The Faith and its intertwining with his love for skateboarding and life's adventures began at a Catholic youth retreat, Steubenville Atlantic, where he encountered a powerful talk on fulfillment. This experience led him to seek a deeper relationship with Jesus, finding solace and guidance through prayer and openness to God's calling.

He believes that while skateboarding brings joy and keeps him active, Jesus remains the center of his life, providing true fulfillment and a sense of purpose. Luke strives to live a life dedicated to prayer and openness to Jesus, recognizing the lasting and profound fulfillment that faith brings.

His dedication extends beyond skateboarding and faith; Luke has volunteered as a youth leader, hiked the Camino de Santiago, and plans to further his education to become a barber.

Luke Vail's addition to the Motherboards Skate team is a testament to the fusion of faith, skateboarding, and a commitment to inspire others in the skate scene to promote Christianity.

Instagram: @lukesk8s4life.