Motherboards Skate Team

The Motherboards Skate Team is dedicated to fighting the culture war by promoting The Catholic Faith in the skate scene. If you are interested in becoming a sponsored member of The Motherboards' Skate Team, contact us.

Team Members

Br. Gabriel Cortez

Friar, Skater, Singer and...

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Mykel Garcia

Catholic, Skater, Car Guy, ...

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Luke Vail

Catholic, Skater and he might cut your hair..

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Timothy Gordon

Catholic, Husband, Father, Talk Show Host, Author, ....

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Fr. Mark Goring, CC

Priest, Pastor, Skater, TV Host, and...

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Mathias Ledum

Seminarian, Skater, Norwegian, ...

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Fr. John Paul Mary Zeller MFVA

Priest, Skater, EWTN Chaplin, ...

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