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Timothy Gordon Motherboards team memberTimothy Gordon's journey is a testament to his pursuit of knowledge and unwavering dedication to faith. His academic odyssey led him through prestigious Pontifical graduate universities in Europe, where he immersed himself in philosophy, later sharing his expertise in Southern Californian community colleges. His pursuit of understanding extended to law school, delving into the depths of the Constitution, earning him Ph.L., M.A., and J.D. degrees in literature, history, philosophy, and law.

Currently rooted in Southern Mississippi with his wife and seven children, Timothy enriches minds through his writings and teachings in philosophy and theology at his Retrograde Academy. His union with Stephanie since 2005 stands as a testament to enduring love and commitment.

Beyond academia, Timothy Gordon's multifaceted persona thrives in various pursuits. His popular tri-weekly podcast, Rules for Retrogrades, echoes his intellectual prowess and commitment to thought-provoking discussions. A prolific author, his books such as "Catholic Republic: Why America Will Perish without Rome," "Rules for Retrogrades," and "The Case for the Patriarchy" have earned him acclaim among the Catholic faithful. His forthcoming works continue to captivate eager readers.

Timothy's passion for skateboarding amplifies his diverse interests. Riding on an MB "Catholic Republic" deck, he showcases his flair with a fakey frontside kickflip. His devotion to the sport mirrors his dedication to nurturing intellectual growth and fostering faith.

His pursuits extend beyond skateboarding, delving into rock music, basketball, weightlifting, boxing, sports card collecting, and indulging in fantasy football. Timothy Gordon's impact reverberates through his quest for knowledge, his dedication to family, and his commitment to intellectual and spiritual enlightenment.

For more updates and engaging discussions, follow Timothy Gordon on Twitter: @timotheeology

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