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Fr. Mark Goring, a native of Pembroke, Ontario, Canada, embarked on a remarkable journey of faith at the age of 18, answering the call to join the Companions of the Cross, an esteemed order of priests. His academic pursuits led him to study philosophy at the Dominican College and Theology at St. Paul’s University in Ottawa, culminating in his ordination as a priest in 2002.

Throughout his illustrious career, Fr. Mark's dedication to serving the Church and fostering spiritual growth has been exemplary. His tenure includes serving as the Associate Pastor of St. Mary’s Parish in Ottawa, where he laid the groundwork for his impactful ministry. His leadership roles expanded as he took on the responsibilities of Director of Admissions for the Companions of the Cross and served as the Chaplain to the Catholic Students at York University in Toronto.

Fr. Mark Goring's unwavering commitment to community enrichment took him across borders as he assumed the role of Director of the Catholic Charismatic Center in Houston, Texas, marking a significant chapter in his diverse and impactful ministry. Presently, he serves as the esteemed Pastor of St. Mary’s Parish in Ottawa, fostering a vibrant and inclusive community centered around faith and service.

Beyond his pastoral duties, Fr. Mark actively contributes to the Food for Life TV ministry and utilizes his extensive online presence through his influential YouTube ministry. His literary contributions, including several published books, stand as a testament to his dedication to sharing spiritual wisdom and guidance. Additionally, his leadership of a School of Reading showcases his commitment to nurturing intellectual growth among his followers.

Fr. Mark Goring's multifaceted ministry embodies a harmonious fusion of faith, community service, and digital outreach. His relentless pursuit of fostering spiritual growth and strengthening community bonds through diverse platforms remains an inspiration and a testament to his profound commitment to the Church and its teachings.

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