Mathias Ledum

Mathias Ledum Motherboards Team memberMathias Ledum, a 27-year-old seminarian from Norway currently studying to become a priest in Rome, embodies a unique fusion of faith and skateboarding. Joining Motherboards’ skate team, he brought a refreshing perspective, finding resonance with the brand's Catholic-themed decks. Ledum discovered that Motherboards' boards didn't use Catholic themes to mock the faith but instead embraced and celebrated it. Expressing his excitement, he highlighted the rare opportunity to integrate his profound Catholic faith with his beloved hobby of skateboarding.

Acknowledging the potential to evangelize skate culture through Motherboards, Ledum sees it as a platform to showcase the beauty of the Catholic faith and initiate meaningful conversations about God and the Church. His skateboard adorned with the Sacred Heart of Jesus serves as a conversation starter, inviting others to explore faith more deeply. He firmly believes that even a simple encounter with a Catholic-themed skateboard could prompt individuals to contemplate their spiritual journey.

Skating in his cassock, while unconventional, has its advantages. Ledum points out the misconceptions about the garment's flexibility and finds it surprisingly suitable for skateboarding, despite preferring more traditional skate attire. He emphasizes the cassock as a powerful symbol of commitment to God and openness to serve, sparking curiosity and inquiries about faith wherever he skates.

Ledum's presence on a skateboard in religious attire acts as a bridge between skate culture and spirituality, breaking barriers and encouraging conversations about God even in unconventional settings. His Motherboard skateboard becomes more than a deck for tricks; it becomes an instrument for sharing faith and breaking the ice in dialogues about spirituality.