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Br. Gabriel Motherboards team memberBrother Gabriel Cortez, a devoted Franciscan Friar of the Immaculate (FFI), has spent nearly two decades traveling across the country, using his exceptional skateboarding skills as a unique vehicle to share the Catholic message with young audiences. This unconventional approach to evangelism involves captivating students with awe-inspiring skateboard tricks while incorporating faith-related metaphors. Brother Gabriel's demonstrations often include performing daring feats like leaping over volunteers and school priests on his skateboard, emphasizing the importance of trust in one's faith journey. His ministry not only engages students but also builds meaningful relationships and fosters learning, as recognized by St. Theresa's Catholic School principal, Kristy Dunn. This remarkable and engaging ministry has been his calling for nearly two decades, with every performance aimed at keeping the focus on the Lord. Friar Gabriel's unique talents extend beyond skateboarding, as he is also skilled in Gregorian chant and is known for his dedication to spreading love for God, neighbor, and the Blessed Mother. His remarkable work has even earned him an Emmy award, and through the medium of film, he continues to reach people around the world, all while remaining faithful to his Franciscan vocation.

  • CITY: Bloomington, IN
  • DATE OF BIRTH: 1/19/1978
  • SPONSORS: Motherboards
  • CURRENT PROJECTS OUTSIDE OF SKATING: Writing Christmas carols 
  • HOBBIES: Plucking the guitar, hiking 14'ers
  • FAVORITE TRICK: 360 flip (While moving fast)
  • Motherboards: Deck 7.5, Motherboards: Wheels 53mm / 93a, Tensor trucks: Magnesium Lights, Oust bearings, DKL Rubber Grip tape, Goofy footed, ES Accel Og (Brown/Gum) suede Skate shoe  
  • FAVORITE SKATE SPOT: Ten-mile Creek Rec Path Colorado
  • FAVORITE QUOTE: “I have loved you with an everlasting love” Jer 31:3
  • FACEBOOK Brandon Cortés 

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