Gabry becomes part of the Motherboards team

Gabry becomes part of the Motherboards team

Embracing the Waves with Passion and Purpose

Motherboards Surf proudly welcomes Gabry Faraj, a spirited advocate for surfing's transformative power, to our esteemed team. Originating from landlocked Ann Arbor, MI, Gabry's affinity for the ocean blossomed during her post-college years in Ireland, where she discovered a profound love for surfing amidst rugged coastlines and cold waters. Now a vibrant member of the Virginia Beach community, Gabry's dedication to the sport, coupled with her fervor for evangelizing The Catholic Faith with hospitality, embodies the ethos of Motherboards Surf.

Gabry's journey epitomizes a fusion of passion for the ocean and a heart for fostering connections. The verse, Psalm 42:8 - "deep calls to deep," resonates deeply within her, symbolizing the profound connection she finds between the vast ocean depths and the stirring of her soul in the presence of the sea and Christ's overwhelming embrace.

"Gabry Faraj embodies the spirit of adventure and purpose that defines Motherboards Surf. Her commitment to surfing and her passionate endeavors beyond the waves reflect our values of community, exploration, and meaningful connections," remarked Motherboard's Creative Director Shanti Guy.

About Gabry Faraj:

Gabry, born on February 17, 1993, discovered her ardor for surfing later in life, drawn to the waters despite growing up surrounded by lakes. Her dedication to the sport reflects in her collection of boards, including a cherished 7'6 pop out from her Irish escapades and a custom 9'4 noserider. When she's not chasing waves, Gabry can be found evangelizing through hospitality, exploring her culinary prowess, and advocating for Honduran coffee farmers' empowerment.

Gabry's Favorites & Signature Style:

With a penchant for sunrise beach walks, spontaneous praise and worship through violin melodies, and bonding over kitchen tables, Gabry exudes a magnetic zest for life. Her favorite quote, "A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for," echoes her adventurous spirit and determination to explore uncharted waters, both metaphorically and literally.

Motherboards Surf eagerly anticipates Gabry Faraj's vibrant presence and contagious enthusiasm, further enriching their dynamic team.