Announcing new Skate Team Member: Brother Gabriel M. Cortez

Announcing new Skate Team Member: Brother Gabriel M. Cortez

Motherboards Skate proudly introduces Br. Gabriel Cortez, a devoted Franciscan Friar of the Immaculate (FFI), to our skate team. With nearly two decades dedicated to using skateboarding as a conduit for Catholic evangelism, Br. Gabriel's unique approach captivates audiences and delivers the message of faith in unconventional yet impactful ways.

Born out of a passion to connect with young audiences, Br. Gabriel's skateboarding ministry has taken him nationwide, engaging students with awe-inspiring skateboard tricks interwoven with profound faith-related metaphors. His performances, often involving daring feats like leaping over volunteers and priests, serve as powerful reminders of trust in one's faith journey, leaving a lasting impression on audiences.

"Br. Gabriel's exceptional talents and dedication to sharing the Catholic message through skateboarding epitomize our ethos of community engagement and innovative approaches to evangelism," expressed Lisa Fixler, Founder of Motherboards.

Recognized by St. Theresa's Catholic School principal, Kristy Dunn, Br. Gabriel's ministry goes beyond skateboarding; it builds relationships, fosters learning, and keeps the focus on the Lord. His multifaceted skills extend to Gregorian chant, embodying his commitment to spreading love for God, neighbor, and the Blessed Mother.

"Br. Gabriel's impact goes beyond the skate park; his outreach through film and his unwavering dedication to his Franciscan vocation has earned him recognition, including an Emmy award, reaching global audiences," added Shanti Guy, Creative Director for Motherboards.

Motherboards eagerly anticipates Br. Gabriel's valuable contributions, enriching the team's dynamic landscape and furthering the fight in the culture war by promoting Christian culture in the skate scene.