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Br. Gabriel "The Skating Friar" and Motherboards Skate Team member, to Make Special Appearance on "Living Divine Mercy" TV Show Hosted by Fr. Chris Alar

In an exciting and unique collaboration, Br. Gabriel, affectionately known as "The Skating Friar," will be making a special guest appearance on the popular TV show "Living Divine Mercy." The show, hosted by Fr. Chris Alar, is dedicated to exploring and spreading the message of divine mercy and faith, making this upcoming episode a must-see event for Catholic skaters seeking inspiration and spiritual enrichment.

Br. Gabriel, an unconventional and dynamic Friar, has gained widespread recognition for his extraordinary ministry, combining the world of Skateboarding with his religious vocation. His captivating performances and powerful messages have touched the hearts of people from all walks of life, earning him the nickname "The Skating Friar."

The episode featuring Br. Gabriel on "Living Divine Mercy" promises to be a unique blend of faith, inspiration, and entertainment. Viewers can expect to witness Br. Gabriel's incredible skateboarding skills and hear his personal testimony about how he integrates his love for skating with his devotion to divine mercy and the Catholic faith.

The episode featuring Br. Gabriel "The Skating Friar" will air on EWTN on Wednesday October 11th at 5:30pm CST. You can find the schedule and a watch on demand link here

Viewers are encouraged to tune in and witness this one-of-a-kind collaboration between faith and entertainment. Additionally, the episode will be available for streaming on

for those who may not be able to watch it live.

For more information about "Living Divine Mercy" and Br. Gabriel "The Skating Friar," please visit


 or contact Motherboards at (303) 484-1753.

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