Fr. Mark Goring, CC Joins the Motherboards Skate Team

Fr. Mark Goring, CC Joins the Motherboards Skate Team

Motherboards Skate joyfully welcomes Fr. Mark Goring, CC, a revered priest, and community leader, to the skate team. Fr. Goring's remarkable journey, characterized by unwavering dedication to faith and a passion for boardsports, perfectly aligns with Motherboards Skate's commitment to promoting Christianity in the skate scene.

Originating from Pembroke, Ontario, Canada, Fr. Goring at 18 embarked on a faith-driven path, joining the esteemed Companions of the Cross order of priests. Alongside his theological studies at St. Paul’s University in Ottawa, he found solace in boardsports, developing a profound love for skateboarding, surfing, and snowboarding.

Fr. Mark's illustrious career spans various leadership roles, including serving as Associate Pastor of St. Mary’s Parish in Ottawa and directing admissions for the Companions of the Cross. His service extended as Chaplain to Catholic Students at York University in Toronto and directing the Catholic Charismatic Center in Houston, Texas, before returning to the role of Pastor of St. Mary’s Parish in Ottawa.

Beyond his pastoral duties, Fr. Mark actively contributes to digital ministry through Food for Life TV and his influential YouTube presence. His literary contributions through several books and leadership in a School of Reading showcase his commitment to spiritual guidance and intellectual growth.

Fr. Mark's amalgamation of faith and boardsports embodies a harmonious blend of community service and a passion for fostering connections through diverse platforms. His inclusion in the Motherboards Skate team enriches the vibrant spirit, emphasizing the team's commitment to fighting the culture war by promoting Christianity in the skate scene.