Motherboards Catholic Surf Company Proudly Welcomes Fr. Dan Molochko to the Team

Motherboards Catholic Surf Company Proudly Welcomes Fr. Dan Molochko to the Team

Motherboards Catholic Surf Company joyously announces the addition of Fr. Dan Molochko to their esteemed team of riders, infusing a unique blend of spiritual devotion and surfing prowess into the community. Originally from Virginia Beach, Fr. Dan's fervor for the waves is matched only by his commitment to ministry and athleticism, embodying the values of faith, athleticism, and camaraderie at the core of Motherboards Catholic Surf Company.

Fr. Dan Molochko, born on September 25, 1986, brings a diverse range of hobbies and passions, from CrossFit, calisthenics, and trail running to the intricate art of bull whip tricks and growing a distinctive curly mustache. Beyond his love for surfing, Fr. Dan is fervently training for an Ultra Marathon, reflecting on his dedication to physical fitness and endurance.

"Fr. Dan's addition to our team is an inspiring convergence of faith and surf culture. His commitment to spiritual guidance, athleticism, and the thrill of riding waves embodies the essence of our community, fostering an environment of unity, adventure and boldly sharing the Catholic Faith" expressed Lisa Fixler, Founder of Motherboards Catholic Boardsports Company.

Fr. Dan's love for surfing extends beyond the physical rush, evident in his favorite trick of riding waves so far down the beach that he must walk back—a testament to his unwavering dedication to the sport. His cherished Immaculate Heart 9'4 Longboard accompanies him on these thrilling ventures into the surf.

In his own words, Fr. Dan encapsulates his favorite boarding story involving a thrilling barrel experience, likening it to a spiritual moment of exhilaration and excitement.

About Fr. Dan Molochko:

Fr. Dan's multifaceted interests, ranging from Brazilian Jiujitsu and guitar playing to sauna rituals and ice baths, reflect his zest for life and holistic well-being. 

Motherboards Catholic Surf Company eagerly anticipates Fr. Dan Molochko's vibrant presence and unique perspective, to further promote The Faith in the surf scene.