Welcoming Matt Hamrick to the Motherboards' Surf Team

Welcoming Matt Hamrick to the Motherboards' Surf Team

Motherboards Catholic Board Sports Company proudly introduces Matt Hamrick as the latest addition to its surf team. A Virginia Beach native, Matt's profound connection to the coastal community has shaped his lifelong dedication to surfing, family, and serving his country through the Navy. As a proud adoptive father to his son and daughter, Matt finds profound beauty and bravery in adoption, embodying Virtues promoted by the Catholic Faith.

Born on May 28, 1983, Matt Hamrick is a seasoned quality engineer in the Navy, where his passion for the ocean aligns harmoniously with his professional pursuits. His insatiable love for surfing extends beyond the waves, delving into surfboard design and an avid fascination with tracking weather patterns and hurricane seasons.

"Matt Hamrick's addition to our team embodies the spirit of dedication and passion for surfing and The Catholic Faith that defines our community. His commitment to family, oceanic exploration, and fostering a diverse surfboard lineup aligns perfectly with our values," expressed Shanti Guy Creative Director for Motherboards Catholic Board Sports Company.

Matt's surfing adventures have spanned across the globe, from the pristine waves of Costa Rica, California, Hawaii, and Australia to his belief that the best surf still resides in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, Virginia Beach's backyard. He starts each day with a spiritual practice of lectio divina, finding solace in silence, sunsets, and green smoothies.

"Matt Hamrick brings a wealth of experience and a deep-rooted love for surfing to our team. His role as Director of Product reflects our commitment to crafting boards for all riders and abilities, ensuring a rich and inclusive surfing experience," added Lisa Fixler, Founder of Motherboards Catholic Board Sports Company.

Motherboards Catholic Board Sports Company eagerly anticipates Matt Hamrick's invaluable contributions, further enriching the team's pursuit of fighting the culture war by spreading The Fatih in the surf scene with comprehensive surfboard offerings.