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Ben and famBen Hamrick resides in Virginia Beach where he was raised. Call it cliché, but he has embraced his hometown and what it has to offer, particularly the coast. And who wouldn't? The ocean offers all kinds of fun - boating, swimming, fishing, etc. But surfing, surfing is where Ben finds his connection to the ocean. Ben's love for surfing (and his wife from L.A.) put him in the cold breaks of Southern California more often than expected. He was also drawn to distant shores of Hawaii, New Jersey, Carolina, the Bahamas and Australia, through waves and friendship. However, Ben has just as much fun at his local break where he's a familiar face among the dawn patrol regulars. For Ben, surfing, as well as his faith, is made stronger by community.  

Surfing has added significant value to Ben's life, and so he enjoys opportunities to share it with others. That means loading up an extra board for a friend or offering someone an invitation and ride to the beach. These days he brings an extra board for his kids. As a father of four young men, he hasn't let dad-duties steal away all of his hobbies just yet.  
While some surfers may be fairweather shredders, Ben is not one of them. When the winter months come to the east coast, he bundles up in neoprene and can still be found in the lineup. The ocean, to him, is the ultimate playground and a powerful expression of his Creator's power and love. Let's not forget the unsung hero of this surf saga, Ben's wife Christi. Obviously she's pretty cool for encouraging him to surf as much as he does. Maybe this bio should have been about her. 

CITY YOU GREW UP IN: Virginia Beach, VA

CURRENTLY LIVE: Virginia Beach, VA

DATE OF BIRTH: 10.21.1980

SPONSORS: Motherboards, Self-Sponsored through Tax Refunds 

CURRENT PROJECTS OUTSIDE OF SURFING: As "Boy Dad" I love to create oporties for my 4 sons to have fun. For example in the past few months I've built a treehouse, zipline and a quarterpipe. 

IT Advisory Board President at our local Community College. 

HOBBIES: Volleyball - Indoor or Sand. Skateboarding - just cruising. Graphic Design-I love to create visual communication media. 

Ben ShreddingCarpentry - If my wife and I can't find the thing we're looking for at the store I like to make it myself. 

Challenging my kids to workout goals and getting everyone up off the couch and into something active. 

FAVORITE TRICK(S): Occasionally snagging the "Wave of a Day" in our crowded lineup. It's fun to barrel hunt on small hollow days but I do less grabbing barrels than the barrels grabbing me. 

CURRENTLY RIDES: Motherboards Hybrid model, I have a couple Shell Shapes that I love riding. (Lynn Shell is a renowned shaper in North Carolina) 

FAVORITE RESORT SPOT: Some consider Virginia Beach a resort town and I love surfing 1st Street here. 

FAVORITE PUBLIC SPOT: I can't think of a more beautiful surfing experience than a mellow day out at Waikiki.

BEST BOARDING STORY:  The unpredictable nature of the ocean certainly lends itself to storytelling. I think I'll go with one word, "friendship". It has been friends and connections with other surfers that have led to my most memorable stories while surfing domestic and abroad. It's incredible to be in a new place and have someone lend you a board or car, show you their special spot or introduce you to a new favorite food with the local crew. All of my stories involve friends.

FAVORITE QUOTE: I have notebooks full of quotes so It's hard for me to pick just one but here's one I like about surfing and adventure. 

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails.” - Mark Twain  

FAVORITE MUSIC: Rock, Lofi Chill

FAVORITE PERSON TO SURF WITH: There is a really great morning crew at my regular spot and everybody knows each other. It's difficult for me to name just one person but knowing I'll have friends around every time I paddle out makes things fun. Those are the guys I surf with the most. 

TACOS OR PIZZA: Fish Tacos on the West Coast, Pizza on the East. (Shoutout to Sandbar Sports Grill in Mission Beach, CA) 


COFFEE OR TEA: Coffee but not every day. 

VACATION OR STAYCATION: Both! I'm blessed to live in such a beautiful town but surfing lures a surfer to travel. Surfing like traveling forces one out of their comfort zone. 

MORNING BIRD OR NIGHT OWL: Morning. That's your best chance of finding offshore wind. 

ANYTHING ELSE: I have an incredible wife and 4 amazing sons. I have a career I love and a community of family & friends I love more. Surfing in the end is a small part of life but it makes life all the richer. 

Social inks: X - @vballben , Insta - @vballben 

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