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Motherboards Product Development

Matt Hamrick Motherboards Surf Team MemberMatt was born and raised in Virginia Beach, VA, with deep roots and lifelong friendships in the VB community, where he currently resides and readily admits the surf culture is much larger than our wave!  Matt is extremely proud to be an adoptive dad to his son and daughter, seeing tremendous beauty and bravery in adoption.  He has served the Navy as a quality engineer for a couple decades, rightly fitting his personality that trembles when he's too far from a coastline.  He loves all things ocean and surf, tracking wind, weather patterns and hurricane seasons (as East Coasters do), and geeking out on surfboard design.  His surf travels have taken him to Costa Rica, California, Hawaii, and Australia, though he claims that the best surf is still the Outer Banks of North Carolina (VB's backyard).  He begins each day with lectio divina and thrives off silence, sunsets, and green smoothies.  He is the Director of Product for Motherboards, collaborating with our artists and surfboard shapers on establishing and expanding the surfboard lineup into a full range for all riders and abilities.

CITY YOU GREW UP IN: Virginia Beach, VA

CURRENTLY LIVE: Virginia Beach, VA

DATE OF BIRTH: 5/28/83

SPONSORS: Motherboards

CURRENT PROJECTS OUTSIDE OF SURFING: Coaching youth baseball, Parish evangelization projects, and always in the middle of a house renovation project.

HOBBIES: Sports junkie especially college football (though I dearly miss the good ole days before NIL and the transfer portal), nutritional health, working out, brewing kombucha, traveling, wood work, house renovation projects, scripture nerd, deep conversation with friends, hanging with my kids!

FAVORITE TRICK(S): Haha, I live in Virginia Beach.  The best trick is to correctly time the swell before it's gone!

CURRENTLY RIDES: Stella Maris 6'4 Hybrid, Immaculate Heart 9'4 Longboard and a deep swallow Twinnie.

FAVORITE RESORT SPOT: (not really applicable to the surf world)

FAVORITE PUBLIC SPOT: Hatteras Island, my favorite place in the world, waves or not.  Weekly Sunday night beach sessions at 58th with family and friends.

BEST BOARDING STORY: Too many to tell.  The time my older brother and I took a 2-week surf roadtrip up the coast of Australia with a beater car that started only intermittently and living off PBJ and Pizza Hut buffets.  The time a group of friends rode out a Hurricane Bill in a tent at Oregon Inlet (NC) campground to surf the hurricane swell.  The time I shared the lineup with 5x world champ Carissa Moore and her family.  The time I out-paddled my younger brother to put him between me and the shark (and then felt pretty good about the whole situation).  So many...

FAVORITE QUOTE: "God whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks in our consciousness, but shouts in our pain." - C.S. Lewis

FAVORITE MUSIC: 90s alternative, 90's R&B, and good worship.

FAVORITE PERSON TO SURF WITH: My longstanding surf report text thread crew...Steve, Ben, JC and Jason.

TACO OR PIZZA: Taco, burrito, enchilada...mexican every day..

MOUNTAINS OR OCEAN: Ocean, God's largest creation draws us to itself.

COFFEE OR TEA: Both! Coffee in the morning, tea at night.

VACATION OR STAYCATION: Vacationing some place new or long enough to get immersed in another culture.

MORNING BIRD OR NIGHT OWL: Morning, can't miss that sunrise.

ANYTHING ELSE: Thanks to my wife Kim, I have a heart for the beauty of adoptive families, ours being one.

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