Gabry Faraj

Motherboards Surf Team Rider

Gabry Faraj Motherboards Surf team riderGabry Faraj is new to the beautiful life of surfing as she grew up in the lake-locked region of Michigan. She fell in love with surfing after college when she moved to a small coastal surfing town in Ireland where she learned to surf in the cold surrounded by rugged cliffs. While she returned home and missed out on the surf for several years, she moved to Virginia Beach in 2020 where she resumed surfing and now spends as much time as she can either in the water or with her dog. She has a heart for evangelizing which often plays out in conversations with strangers that she meets on the street, and she views the ability to offer hospitality as an underrated gift. She lives for beach walks at sunrise or sunset and loves rambunctiousness with her close friends almost as much.

Ps. 42: 8. ...deep calls to deep...

"Usually "deep calls to deep" is biblically used to describe being overcome by despair and darkness without the Lord, but that verse resonates in me of the deep of the ocean without calling to the deep of my soul within and the amazing overwhelming presence of Christ I experience in the sea." - Gabry


CURRENTLY LIVE: Virginia Beach, VA

DATE OF BIRTH: 2/17/93

SPONSORS: Motherboards

CURRENT PROJECTS OUTSIDE OF SURFING: Evangelizing through hospitality in my home, learning how to enjoy cooking, connecting Honduran coffee farmers with roasting and hopefully learning how to roast my own coffee soon.

HOBBIES: Long walks with my pup either on the beach at sunrise or on trails, traveling especially with my sisters, playing violin (especially for spontaneous praise and worship), and hanging out with my friends and family around kitchen tables.

FAVORITE TRICK(S): Not losing my longboard when I'm paddling out on a heavy day

CURRENTLY RIDES: 7'6 pop out from my Irish days, 9'4 Motherboards custom noserider longboard, 7 foot foamie

FAVORITE PUBLIC SPOT: Tullan Strand in Bundoran, Ireland. Where I learned to surf and fell in love with salt water. 

BEST BOARDING STORY: Surfing at 11:30pm with the late summer last light catching waves by watching the white water roll along the cliffs.

FAVORITE QUOTE: "A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for." John A. Shedd

FAVORITE MUSIC: Acoustic pop, Country, Latin, and p&w

FAVORITE PERSON TO SURF WITH: I have a group of surf buddies who are twice my age and message me any time I should go out for a surf

TACO OR PIZZA: Tacos, specifically the $5 tuna tacos from a hole in the wall establishment walking distance from my houes


COFFEE OR TEA: Coffee! Fun fact I have three types of coffee makers in my house

VACATION OR STAYCATION: Vacation, particularly to warm places in wintertime

MORNING BIRD OR NIGHT OWL: Neither, I'm sleepy but in training to be a morning person who never misses DP or a sunrise.

ANYTHING ELSE: I've never met a stranger, just a friend who doesn't know it yet. My biggest goal is to get to go on a surf trip in the next two years since I have never gone on one before (Motherboards organized surf trip?!)

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