Litany for Healing and Hope in the Church

Litany for Healing and Hope in the Church

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The sexual abuse of one child by a member of the clergy is one tragedy too many, but we are gradually becoming aware of the scope of this sinful tragedy: thousands of lives have been shattered by the very people who were supposed to stand in the person of Christ.
As the one Body of Christ, we all share in this brokenness, each member to a different degree. Jesus Christ, our Head, wants to bring healing, light, and grace to each of us and through each of us. In this difficult time, let us turn to Our Lord, who has already overcome the power of sin by his own death on the cross. Let us ask him to bring his saving, healing love and justice into these very circumstances, into our very lives, andespecially into the lives of those most affected. We pray for ourselves, for the whole community, and most especially for those who, at this time, cannot pray for themselves.

When my soul is filled with troubles (Ps 88:3)
Jesus, save me.
When I am weary with crying and my eyes fail, looking for
you (Ps 69:4)
Jesus, save me.
When I am scorned and betrayed by those I trust (Ps 41:10)
Jesus, save me.
When I am alone and afflicted (Ps 25:16)
Jesus, save me.
When my friends and companions shun my pain (Ps 38:12)
Jesus, save me.
When sin overcomes me and my courage fails (Ps 40:3)
Jesus, save me.
That you formed my inmost being and know the concerns
of my heart (Ps 139:13, 23)
Jesus, increase my faith.
That my future is secure and safe in your hands (cf. Ps16:5)
Jesus, increase my faith.
That this darkness is not dark for you, but bright as daylight (Ps 139:12)
Jesus, increase my faith.
That this trial is not outside your power or beyond the
reach of your love (Ps 139:16)
Jesus, increase my faith.
That you will change my mourning into dancing and clothe
me with gladness (Ps 30:12)
Jesus, increase my faith.
That you will wipe every tear from our eyes (Rev 21:4)
Jesus, increase my faith.
That through all my troubles, you are clearing a way (Ps 4:2)
Jesus, I trust in you.
That those who trust in you will never be shaken (Ps 112:6-7)
Jesus, I trust in you.
That I cannot hide from your presence and your love (Ps 139:7)
Jesus, I trust in you.
That you rebuild what was destroyed and replant
what was desolate (Ez 36:36)
Jesus, I trust in you.
That you are my strength, my rock, my fortress,
and my deliverer (Ps 18:2-3)
Jesus, I trust in you.
That you are good and forgiving, abounding in
steadfast love to all who call upon you (Ps 86:5)
Jesus, I trust in you.
That you say to my heart, “I am your salvation” (Ps 35:3)
Jesus, I trust in you.
When you seek me with all your heart, you will find
me with you (Jer 29:13-14)
Jesus, make your home in us.
My gaze spans all the ages; to me, there is nothing
unexpected (Sir 39:20)
Jesus, see and live this moment in us.
I have become your savior in your every affliction
(Is 63:8-9)
Jesus, offer your life for the world in us.
The lost I will seek out, the strayed I will bring back,
the injured I will bind up, [and] the sick I will heal (Ez 34:16)
Jesus, serve your Church in us.
I have mercy on all, because I can do all things (Wis 11:23)
Jesus, unleash the power of your mercy in us.

My love shall never leave you, nor my covenant of peace be shaken (Is 54:10)
Jesus, love your people in us.

My dwelling is with the human race. I will dwell with them ...
and I myself will always be with them as their God. (Rev 21:3)

Come, Lord Jesus. Live in your Church and in us. (Gal 2:20)

(c) Daughters of St. Paul.
Permission is granted to reproduce and include this Litany in ministry materials as long as the credit line is included.
© 2018 Daughters of St Paul

Permission is granted to freely photocopy this Litany of Healing.

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