Thicket Skateboard Deck
Thicket Skateboard Deck

Thicket Skateboard Deck

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The new Thicket Deck in honor of Our Blessed Mother and the flowers that symbolize her spiritual truths. 

1)  The Rose:  the queen of flowers is the most popular floral representation of the Virgin Mary as the Queen of Heaven. The rose represents Mary's perfect love, form and fragrance.  One of the Marian titles of Our Lady is the Mystical Rose - the only human who was immaculately conceived without sin.  The rosary also is often represented as a garland of roses given to Mary.

2) The Violet:  with leaves in the shape of hearts, the violet is the floral representation of Our Lady's humility, fidelity and innocence.

3) The Thistle:  a symbol of the visitation due to its graceful movement in air currents.

4)  The Daisy:  considered "Mary's Flower of God" (Jesus).

5)  The Pansy:  referred to as the "Trinity Flower" due to it's three-petal shape; also representative of the Trinity that was first revealed to Mary.

6)  The Columbine:  composed of petals in a band that resemble doves, the columbine is symbolic of the dove of the Holy Spirit.  Blue is also the most common color associated with Mary.

7)  Monkschild/aka "Our Lady's Slipper":  symbolic of Mary's visitation trip to see Elizabeth. A popular legend says the flower sprang forth at the touch of Mary's foot.

8)  Periwinkle:  referred to as the "Virgin Flower", an emblem of the Blessed Virgin.  Often seen as bluish in color, representative of her "fullness of grace".

9) The White Lily/aka Annunciation Lily:  symbolic of Our Lady's virginity and her perfect purity, love and humility.


Construction: All Motherboard skateboards are made from 100% American/Canadian Maple (wood species—Acer Saccharum) and are cold-pressed to ensure the wood is not subjected to high temperatures that can degrade wood fibers. The uncut decks are then allowed to cure for seven days before finishing. Each deck is made with skateboard specific glue made by Franklin.
Concave: Steep
Width: 8.5 inches standard
Length: 32.5 inches


The artwork on the board undersides are custom illustrations made exclusively for Motherboards. They are designed specifically for imprinting on our board products. You will not find these illustrations anywhere else, they are truly unique copyrighted designs.* 


The highest level of detail is achieved using the DPT process. Specialized coatings are used to bind the ink DIRECTLY to the skateboard deck.  Our deck designs are bright, vibrant and iconic.  It's a big uplift from most of the deck art out there.

*Motherboard logo and all artwork contained herein © 2019, Motherboards, LLC.

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