Teen Chastity Girl -  St. Maria Goretti, Martyr of Purity Writing Journal
Teen Chastity Girl -  St. Maria Goretti, Martyr of Purity Writing Journal

Teen Chastity Girl - St. Maria Goretti, Martyr of Purity Writing Journal

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Image of St. Maria Goretti - Martyr of Purity is from an antique holy card.   A Full of Grace USA Original Product.

Journal front cover text:  "Let no one have contempt for your youth.  But set an example for those who believe in speech, conduct, love, faith and purity." 1 Timothy 4:12

St. Maria Goretti - Martyr of purity, pray for me!

5.5 X 8.5, 70-page writing journal.    Paper content: front cover, 111# gloss cover stock, back cover, 36 pt. process blank; interior pages, 60# text weight stock.

Interior cover or back page text:  MODESTY PLEDGE OF THE FRIENDS OF MARIA GORETTI USA, INC  from:  www.mariagoretti.org

I was created as a unique child of God.

  1. I am special! My body was made in God's image and how I choose to act, what I choose to wear, to watch or listen to, enhances or diminishes the virtues of my personality.

  2. I will cherish my body and sexuality as gifts from God and give myself time to grow, mature, and understand who I am and what God wants me to be in my life. I will take pride in being chaste because it pleases God and offers me the greatest freedom in life.

  3. The Blessed Mother, by her holiness and modesty, radiated a grace, dignity and beauty that was a perfect reflection of our loving God. When I try to imitate Mary, like St. Maria Goretti, I can inspire others my age and be a role model through my behavior and example.

  4. Marital love and sex have a wondrous power permitted by God to create human life through the sacred and holy union of husband and wife. I respect this co-creative role God has entrusted to me when I value myself and my sexuality as a sign of God's loving relationship with me and with the person I will someday choose to love.

  5. I will seek guidance and support when making difficult personal decisions in life. I understand the possibility of harmful choices and their consequences, but I also understand the loving forgiveness that is mine from God, always.

  6. I now sign my name as a young man or young woman who desires to be a member of this positive and powerful core group of young Christians, committed by action and example, to prayer, chastity, forgiveness and love of God in the Eucharist, like St. Maria Goretti, model for today's youth. 

St. Maria Goretti, pray for us!

Signed:  ________________________________________

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