Motherboards Skate Team

The Motherboards Skate Team is dedicated to fighting the Culture War by promoting The Catholic Faith in the skateboarding scene. To apply for team sponsorship, contact us today!

Matt Hamrick

Matt was born and raised in Virginia Beach, VA, with deep roots and lifelong friendships in the VB community, where he currently resides and readily admits the surf culture is much larger than our wave! 


Gabry Faraj

Gabry Faraj is new to the beautiful life of surfing as she grew up in the lake-locked mitten of Michigan with great lakes instead of oceans.


Fr. Dan Molochko

Fr. Dan's multifaceted interests, ranging from Brazilian Jiujitsu and guitar playing to sauna rituals and ice baths, reflect his zest for life and holistic well-being.


Ben Hamrick

Ben's commitment to the waves intertwines seamlessly with his dedication to fostering family adventures and uplifting his local community.